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Deer Isle, Maine 04627


Inventors of silicone wine glasses.  US  Patent # 8,469,225 B2

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The Story

Spruce was born from generations of entertaining on the rocky coast of Maine. There were boat rides, beach picnics, lunch breaks during a long hike, evening entertaining, and lazy Sunday brunches all in the company of great views and great people. Over the years many glasses were broken, tacky party-ware cramping the mood and not quite enough room left in the picnic basket for the Grey Poupon.

After years in the the outdoor industry and product development the founder of Spruce decided enough was enough and in order to have the best she needed to make it herself.  With clean design and and modern materials Spruceware aims to take the best of glassware and party-ware and rolling it into beautiful and functional new forms.

Bold, Beautiful, Unbreakable